Sunday, June 7, 2009

Watching TV In Our Underwear

In considering a home for Dave's mom, we came up with a picture of the ideal place that we imagined her being happy in. We imagined a place in a house-setting, specifically for Korean American senior citizens, and that she'd be able to go to a Korean church and they'd feed her Korean food. The picture in our heads, though, was more of a "Gee, a place like this would be perfect, but too bad there is nothing like that in reality!" Imagine our shock and delight, then, when a place exactly like we had imagined practically fell into our laps! We were told about a place that was a house, specifically for Korean Seniors, and the owner was a pastor of Korean congregation. They also brought in a Korean chef every day and had Korean food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which I knew MIL would really appreciate!

Things moved rather quickly, and we were able to move her into her new home within a few days of discovering its existence! This place appears to be the answer to our prayers, and we are really praying hard that this will be a great thing for her. After we dropped her off Dave had to go to work to make up for the time he had to take off, and I returned home with Jack. When I finally got a chance to sit down that night (you know, cause I'm the mom of a two-year-old!), I started thinking about MIL and worrying how she was doing. Almost immediately and with perfect timing, my phone rang and it was the owner's wife, calling to tell me that MIL was doing great, and she seemed to be a bit happier already! She also told me that she really felt that they could be a family for her. I really needed to hear that and I thanked her so much for letting me know!

Dave and I are cautiously optimistic about this place. There are still so many concerns and issues that need to be dealt with, so please continue to pray. We don't really have a lot of options, but we are very sure that this is the right decision for now.

It is very nice to have Casa de Chaos back to ourselves again! When we first got home, Jack noticed that Grandma Han wasn't here, and he asked if she was sleeping. Now I hear at least 3 times a day at very random times "Grandma Han has a NEW house!" I haven't yet decided if I'm going to keep referring to my former office/craft room as Grandma Han's room, in case it becomes hers again in the future, or if I'm going to move on and start referring to it as Baby Brother's room in hopes that Jack will say it in front of Dave and negate his "no baby" argument that Jack doesn't even want a sibling. I am, however, trying to convince Dave that we might as well make it a nursery since all the office/craft supplies are moved out!

In the meantime, w are taking advantage of the fact that we can once again relax and lounge around in our PJs and not brush our hair all day...

Or watch TV and play trucks in our underwear!

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