Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Congratulations, Andrew and Teresa!

This weekend Dave and I headed over to the Crowne Plaza, where Dave stood up with Andrew as he said his vows. We've known Andrew for 10 years now, and we were so happy to meet Teresa, his new wife! Don't they look so happy together?

Mr And Mrs!!!

His Vows (I love that he's brushing her hair off her face!)

Her Vows (I love that she was so excited, she kept giggling!)

The Kiss

The Extremely Sexy Groomsman

Doesn't he look sooo handsome in his tux?

And while we're dressed up (since that pretty much never happens!), I figured we'd get a nice picture of the two of us! Unfortunately the only way that happens is if...

a) We hold the camera up at arm's length and try to squeeze into the shot...

or b) We wait until we get home after a long evening and a few drinks and have our babysitter (aka, my mom) take a snapshot of our tired selves.

Neither option is ideal, but I guess something is better than nothing! And photoshop does help some ;)

PS, The lame thing about being a (wannabe) photographer is that you can't take pictures that include yourself, so if anyone who is trying to build up their portfolio would like to borrow a family to photograph, I'm volunteering us! We've never had nice family pictures taken and I'm dying to get some on our walls. I'll trade a session for it, too! How 'bout you take pics of my family, and I'll take pics of yours!

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  1. I wish I could. I used to photograph for a newspaper, but I probably live too far away.

    Anyway, I love looking at your picts, and you your husband look good together.:)