Sunday, June 21, 2009

Jack's Daddy, My Love

I've tried to write this post so many times. I keep starting and deleting, then starting and deleting over and over again. I've realized that there are just no words to describe how much I love Dave, how wonderful of a husband he is, how wonderful of a father he is. He works so hard, has sacrificed so much, and always puts our family first. He is so supportive of me and of Jack, and there is no doubt in my mind as to how much he loves us. When we hit rough patches, he forges ahead to smooth the road as best he can, and if he can't then he grabs Jack and me and with God's help carries us through. There is so much more to be said, but my heart struggles to put it into words. Without Dave, I would not be able to be a mother to Jack at all, let alone the good mother that I am continually striving to be. Because of him I was able to make it through the long, rough labor that brought Jack into this world (he didn't agree with my decision to have a natural, drug-free birth, but when it counted he refused to let me waiver and encouraged me to stick to the plan that I had given much loving consideration). Because of him I was (sort of) able to handle those first 7 months of having an insanely colicky infant on top of having post partum depression. Because of him and his hard work, I am able to stay home with Jack and give him the attention that is so critical. Let's face it, we all know I don't deserve him!

Jack does, though. Those two are two peas in a pod. Have I mentioned how blessed I am? Seriously. I am one BLESSED woman. I must have done something right that God would give these men to me.

And now, before I completely mush out, I would like to share some photos of my wonderful, sexy, super-fantastic husband, being the wonderful, sexy, super-fantastic father that he is:

Jack getting his very first 'Eskimo' kiss

Dave and Jack, on Dave's first Father's Day, 2 years ago

Dave's first birthday as a daddy

Jack adores being Dave's sack o' potatoes

I know I've shared this one before, but it definitely needs to be in this post. Definitely. I mean, they are THE SAME!

Can you see how much these two love each other?

Dave unfortunately had to work today, so Jack and I weren't able to spend Father's Day with him. We're planning on celebrating tomorrow, though! That is, if Jack is feeling up to it. He felt pretty lousy today and I'm wondering if he isn't about to relapse with his pneumonia! Please be praying that he heals, and heals GOOD!

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