Monday, May 11, 2009

My Third Mothers' Day

Dave had to work on Mothers' Day this year, so I was pretty bummed. I was busy all day on Saturday, with a birthday party in the morning for one of Jack Jack's friends and then a double header for volleyball after that, so we didn't really get to do much 'Mother's Day' stuff. Dave was sweet, though, and had dinner ready for me when I got home! He had made swordfish! He had also run out and got me some flower, and replaced the wipers on my car (I needed new ones SOOOO badly, right Ang?). He also mentioned that he is still planning on getting my car detailed, like I had mentioned I'd appreciate. It really needs it- it hasn't been washed since the firestorm a few months ago, and I popped the hood last week to check some levels and there was still ash all over the inside!
Anyway, the next morning when Jack woke up, I put him in bed with me and turned the TV on for him at a reasonable volume (meaning, he could still hear it and my earplugs dulled the noise enough to still be able to rest!) and I cuddled him while I tried to wake up enough to get out of bed. After breakfast, Jack got really sad about his little 'helicopter' toy, because the battery died! He was so upset that his toy was broken, that I took him on a special trip to Target just to get a teeny tiny screwdriver and an appropriately-sized battery to fix it! He was thrilled when it was finally working again and I felt like the Mom Of The Year!
My mom called while we were at Target, so we headed over there to pick her up and take her back to our house, since the plan for the day was to hang out with Grammy (who lives next door!), and we stayed there until Jack's naptime, when we came back home so that he could sleep. My parents and sister came back to our house with us and we had a nice visit while Jack slept, and then after he woke up we went for a quick dinner, dessert, and then to my parents house to play a little bit before bedtime. Jack had a great time, I had a nice day, and I think my mom and Grammy both enjoyed their Mother's Day as well!

Luciano and Lucy

Emmaleigh... she's getting so grown up!

I can't believe how tall he's getting!

Emmaleigh gave us a concert on her cello

Jack, of course, was enthralled and kept talking about the cello the rest of the day! He loves instruments!

My mommy and her mommy and Lucy

We tired Lucy out!

Me, Travis, Jack, mom, dad, and Amy (with NJ in her tummy!)

Me and my boy ;) (my necklaces are from Grammy's toy box... Jack put them on me)

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