Saturday, May 30, 2009

3 For 3

Yesterday, my parents, Grammy, and Jack and I dropped my MIL off at my SIL's house and headed down to my Alma Mater, Cal State University Long Beach, where Dave met us on his way home from work, and we got to watch my baby brother graduate!!! Yay Travis!!! Travis, and 5 others, graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Music Composition from CSULB's Cole Conservatory of Music. It was so fun to watch him walking across the stage and receiving his empty folder diploma, and we were all very proud of him! He's so talented, and he's worked very hard for this! Congratulations, Travis! And congrats to mom and dad, too! They're 3 for 3 with kids earning their degrees. Amy got her BS in psychology from CSU Dominguez Hills, I got my BA in Religious Studies from CSULB and my AA in music from El Camino College, and now Travis has his BA as well! Something tells me that Travis will be the only one to actually USE the degree he earned, IN the field that he earned it, to make a living, though.

While we were standing around deciding where to sit, Jack chose his seat

But we decided on the bleachers

Dave's truck broke, but he made it just in time!

Here he comes!!! Can you see him?

"Mommy taking picture?"

Jack always pretends that he is playing with binoculars, and was so excited to actually get to play with real binoculars! Unfortunately he couldn't quite get it right

Cameron Manheim, the emmy winning chick from The Practice and a whole lot of other stuff, was the keynote speaker. She was entertaining, and though she did talk too much, she was at least interesting!

Up on the stage!!! See the announcer guy next to him? He had such a booming "announcer" voice as he read the names of the graduates! We got a kick out of hearing all the names read as though they would be followed by "... you just won the superbowl, what are you going to do next?!"

Jack was so good through the whole thing! It was a long ceremony, though, so Dave took him to run around while we waited for Travis' name to be read

Congratulations, Travis, and mom and dad!

And one more, just because I can


  1. I love your pictures! your son is so cute. I love the black and white pict with color in the middle. I need to figure out how to do that.

    I think I'd like to become a follower.

  2. I just did. I hope you don't mind.

  3. Thanks so much! Of course you can follow me- the more the merrier! :D