Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Another Reason Why Housework Is Overrated

I can't believe it's only been a week since we brought MIL down to LA! It feel like so much longer. I know I keep repeating myself when I say that we've had quite the week, but really, we have! Lots of drama, a broken truck, a lost wedding ring (Dave lost it inside a burning building. We're both bummed, but realize that it could have been worse, and all in all a ring is just a ring. The ring went out in a blaze of glory, though! Literally!), a new inmate for Casa de Chaos (did we pick an appropriate name or our abode, or what???), and an ER visit for Jack.

Yes, I said an ER visit for Jack! Poor Jack Jack! On and off for the past two weeks he had a really low grade fever. It wasn't anything for me to worry about though, and he seemed fine other than feeling slightly warm. On Thursday, my mom and I turned the house upside-down and upset a lot of dust as we got MIL's room ready for her, and, since my kid is a walking talking allergy, that must have tickled his lungs. On Friday morning he woke up sounding hoarse, and then when he woke up from his nap he was burning up with a fever, and sounded terrible!!! Saturday morning he was worse, and when I went to pick him up from my mom's after the wedding, she said that he was even worse after his nap that day so Dave and I took Jack to the ER. We were lucky and only waited 10 minutes in the waiting room and were seen right away (I guess they hear 2 year old with trouble breathing and take it very seriously!). He had a high fever and they diagnosed him with croup right away and gave him an oral steroid. They also started him on albuterol from a nebulizer, and the doctor also decided to order some chest x-rays, just in case. Dave and I weren't sure it was necessary, but when the x-rays came back we were so glad that he had! They were positive for pneumonia! My poor baby! He gave Jack a shot of antibiotics, and 4 hours later we were released with a prescription of amoxicillin once they were able to get his fever down.

Between adjusting to having Grandma Han live with us and being very sick, poor Jack has been having a hard week.

What too much housework can do to you:

PS, if anyone is keeping score, Jack gained another 1.5 lbs, as we found out at the ER. he now weighs 38 lbs.

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