Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jail Break!!!

This past Saturday, May 23rd, Jack and I had officially been cooped up in the house for a full week. He was going crazy, I was going crazy, and both of us just needed time out of the house! Aside from Jack's croup-and-pneumonia, MIL had been living with us for exactly one week, and, as we didn't want to leave her alone but weren't sure if taking her with us was our best option, we couldn't just pack up and go according to our whims anymore. Plus, Dave had worked all but two of those days (okay, I know that doesn't sound like he was gone that long, but keep in mind, he works 24 hour shifts, so he had only been home on Monday and on Friday) so the monotony of the same ol' same ol' day in and day out was really getting to us. So I was very excited when Saturday rolled around and we actually had a place to go, and no excuse to stay home! Dave was working, so Jack and I brought MIL over to visit with Sarah and Joe and Sofie (Dave's sis and BIL and our gorgeous niece) and went, with my parents and sister, out to witness the baptism of Avah James. Avah belongs to Kenny, our cousin, and his wife Margherita, our cousin-in-law.

Jack was so good during the baptism. He occasionally forgot to whisper, like when he announced "I like that song!" after each hymn, but for the most part he just sat on my mom's lap, pointed out the lights and patted her shoulder saying "Okay, grandma" when she reminded him to whisper.

After the ceremony was over, as usual, the paparazzi descended upon the poor sweet innocent baby and we passed her around for picture after picture! Here are just a few...

Four Generations

Proud Parents, Margherita and Kenny, with their little Avah

Avah James

Jack got thirsty while waiting for us to finish taking pictures, and he was stoked to find a water fountain just his size!

After we finished at the church, we kept the party going! If you know our family, then you know that we'll find any excuse to get together! Especially if there is wine! ;)

Jack and grandma found the M&Ms!

Amy and Aunt Joanne trying to get NJ to kick

Chris and Danielle- I did my first Engagement Photo Shoot with them recently!

Linnette and Sarah, proud grandma and auntie of Avah

Kenny holding his sleeping baby girl (best thing ever, right Kenny?)

Me (yay I got in a picture!) and Laura, my cousin, who was Maid of Honor at my wedding

We had such a nice afternoon, and couldn't have been happier to be surrounded by our family. Congratulations, Avah, and thanks for letting us celebrate you!

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