Monday, July 15, 2013

Universal Studios

In August Dave decided that we needed to take the boys to Universal Studios!  We knew that Sam would be too little for a lot of the rides, but I am not a big fan of rides anyway, so I didn't mind staying with Sam while Dave and Jack rode them... they are two peas in a pod as far as their love of roller coasters go, and Sam and I are two peas in a pod as far as roller coasters go: they love them, we don't!  The Animal Show is much more our speed ;)  Since I stayed behind with Sam I have a lot more pictures of him than of Jack.  It was really hot that day, so I brought the misters to keep us cool, and after riding a bunch of rides (including getting sopping wet on Jurassic Park!) we let the boys play at the water park... which they, of course, loved!
Sam always needs to sit and read the map when we first get somewhere... just like grandpa!


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  1. How fun! The boys are sooooo cute!