Friday, July 19, 2013

And More Bad Luck!

Two days after Reed was born we got the call that the boat was finally ready to be picked up... a month after we dropped it off!  Dave quickly made some reservations and we dropped the boys off at my mom's and picked up my dad for a trip back up to Lake Nacimiento.  I was trying hard not to miss my boys too much, which was proving very difficult... especially since the birth of my nephew was making me crave time with my littles!  So, I decided to make the best of it and since I rarely don't have my kids with me I figured I could not only leave my big camera at home (I only brought my iPhone and my underwater camera), but I'd also take full advantage of not having to worry about Jack's allergies ;)
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We headed straight to the boat shop to check things out and then immediately hopped on the road to the lake to test out the boat.  It seemed to be running well!  We were stoked and we immediately pulled out Dave's wakeboard and tossed him in the water.  

And during the first run, this happened:
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Which really sucked.  And just totally figured, with the way our luck had been running.  So instead, Dave got to try out my board!
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Then I got to go, and then dad got to go!

It was so nice to be able to use the boat again... we played around for about 2 hours until all of the sudden the boat died again.  We were having the same issues and we were not happy about it!  We immediately loaded the boat back onto the trailer and hopped on the road to take it back to the shop, where we were told that there was one last thing that they could try, but if that didn't work then they were stumped and would wash their hands of it!  Unfortunately they didn't have a computer for diagnostics, and we weren't going to leave the boat up there again anyway, so we had them change that one last part and then headed back to the lake.  Again.  It was seriously getting to the point that we could have driven that road blindfolded!  Anyway, we put the boat back on the lake and tried again, but we were still having the same problem.  LAME.  We decided to give up, so we put the boat back on the trailer and headed to our cabin, where Dave googled boat problems and places that we could take the boat while my dad and I decided to walk down the steps behind the cabin to swim in the lake.  It was beautiful, and we couldn't resist!

The view from our swim spot.
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The trip wasn't entirely wasted, though... as I was reading my book on the balcony of the cabin I noticed a man on the balcony of the next cabin over who was alternating between taking pictures of something towards the lake and turning his head to try to get my attention. I stood up to let him know I saw him, and he very quietly told me to look at the tallest tree overhanging the lake.  So I did, and I was thrilled to see a bald eagle perched there!  I had never seen one in the wild before (not that I can remember, anyway)!
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We had a pretty uneventful trip home, and I was so thrilled to see the boys and to bring baby Reed a souvenir that I just couldn't help buying for him.

And if you're wondering if we ever figured out what was wrong with the boat, well... not really.  We brought it to a local place, and they ran diagnostics and tests and they basically told us that they could not get the problem to duplicate and as far as they were concerned there isn't anything wrong with the boat!  Sooooo, it might work, but it also might not.  Their best guess was that there was air or water in the fuel line and that it has worked its way out.  So, I guess we'll see next time we get around to taking it out!  It's hard to plan a boat day when we don't know if the boat works, huh?


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