Tuesday, June 26, 2012

December, Part Two

Starting this post off with a few random pics from December that I love:
My two ukulele kings!  
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Brothers watching The Polar Express together

My gorgeous boy in a park!

December continued with our first visit with Santa for the year!  Just like last year and the year before, our city's police department sent Santa and his sleigh all around the town to greet the kids!  This year Sam wasn't afraid of Santa at all and I was so relieved!  He was really excited about the candy cane that he got, of course, as was his big brother.  I had to laugh at Jack as he plugged his ears when the police car came by... he is just like his momma!  We have many pictures of me when I was his age with my fingers in my ears as well!  Next to the police car when we went to see the Olympic torch relay for the '84 Olympics, on my dad's boat, on my dad's ATVs, watching fireworks, next to the merry-go-round at McDonald's, any time I even saw a balloon... I didn't like loud noises!  The difference, though, is that I was miserable as I plugged my ears. But Jack?  Well, Jack plugs his ears the same way he does everything else: joyfully!

Next up for December was a visit to Sleepy Hollow, also known as the Christmas Light district!  This is always one of my favorite December activities, and I was so happy that this year my sister and Luke were able to join us as well!  We started the night at my parents' house, they have a display of the nativity on their lawn at Christmas time, the same display that Grammy has and that their church has.  Jack calls it "the Bible".  One day we were in the middle of Target and Jack loudly says to me "Mom, grandma has 'the Bible' at her house, and so does the church and Grammy has 'the Bible' too- why don't we have 'the Bible'?"  I may or may not have answered his question in a manner that would have ensured that anyone who had overheard us would have known that actually weren't the heathens that my son's question would have led them to believe, and that we in fact have many many many Bibles in our house and that I actually had one on my person at that very moment (it was a Bible app on my phone, but it counts!).  Anyway, when we were at my mom's house Sam decided to check out the light that illuminates the Nativity display before we headed out to see the rest of the lights!

Sam and I were pretty excited to get to go to Jack's class to help out at their Christmas party!  I made graham cracker houses for the kids to decorate and we had a bunch of little crafts for them to make, too, as well as snowman pizzas for them to eat!  Sam, of course, was just thrilled to get a chance to play with the toys that he gets to see but doesn't get to play with when we drop Jack off or pick him up.  
Of course, this is how I found Jack spending his free play time when we got to his class at party time:
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The few days leading up to Christmas, Dave was on a 72 hour shift... so on the 23rd the boys and I headed to the fire station to have dinner with daddy!

December's conclusion will be up next!


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