Thursday, June 28, 2012

January Nutshell

January was a fun month!  We didn't plan a lot of events, but we sure had fun in the day-to-day moments!  I excelled at just being present and not running and grabbing my camera every time something happened... as a matter of fact, looking through these pictures I can see that each timeI did grab my camera, it was only at Jack's request!  That is definitely one benefit of the effort I have been making- my boys have actually been asking me to take pictures of them rather than me begging them to smile for the camera!  Such a nice change ;)

My first batch of pictures are a lesson: why I shouldn't give a blue fruit-by-the-foot to a one-year-old! Jack cracked up when he saw Sam and begged me to take pictures of it- Sam laughed when he saw the pictures, too!
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Another day I was in Sam's room putting away laundry when Jack started laughing and yelling "Mom, come look at what Sammy's doing!  Mom, take a picture!"  Sam had pulled out one of the toy bins and crawled backwards into the cubby!  When I asked him what he was doing he announced, "I a toy, momma!"

And finally, this January my boys developed an obsession with "helmets" and pretending to be spacemen and "asternaunts" while they were wearing their "helmets".  Every time they put these buckets on their heads Dave and I would laugh at them, and they thought that they were so creatively silly that Jack insisted that I take a picture of them!

I just adore how well the boys play together!  Jack is such a good, patient and gentle big brother, and Sam will pretty much do whatever Jack wants, so they get along pretty well!  I know I always stress how great of a big brother Jack is, but Sam is a pretty great little brother, too ;) 

And last but certainly not least, a video!  Just a random video of Sam singing happy birthday and of Jack giving a tour of his "underwear helicopter", but it's pretty cute if you ask me!


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  1. Boy, are they ever cute!