Monday, June 25, 2012

December, Part One

December was awesome... we had so much fun and were so busy!  The first thing we did when December hit was, of course, put up the Christmas tree!  The boys and I had so much fun decorating it.  We have so many ornaments that are special to me and I love going through them each year and reminiscing about the memories behind each ornament- yes, even the ugly embarrassing ones that I made when I was a kid... I look forward to my own kids making ornaments that they will think are ugly and embarrassing when they are my age!  My favorite part, though, is Jack's reaction as he participates in decorating the tree.  He knows that the ornaments have special meaning, and he either asks me the meaning behind every single ornament he picks up or he remembers the meaning from last year and very excitedly tells me what each ornament means!  I love sharing this with my boys, and I hope that it continues all the way through their lives and when they have kids of their own.
Here are two videos:

And some pictures!
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Of course, no Reeves Christmas Season post would be complete without a shot of a kid with the Christmas Train... this year Samuel was just as obsessed with it as Jackson always is!  My boys are definitely train kids!

On December 2nd we got to decorate another Christmas Tree!  Jack's preschool was having a cowboy themed tree-trimming party, so we dressed the boys in their cowboy duds and moseyed on over to eat some grub and make and hang some ornaments!

The next day was Dave's birthday, and the boys were so excited to give daddy his presents!  I have him his favorite beer, that I was magically able to find even though it was out of season, and the boys gave him a Snoopy Christmas lawn ornament.  Dave loves Snoopy Christmas stuff :)  

That night my mom came over to watch the boys and Dave and I went out to celebrate his birthday on a boat!  We drove to Newport and hopped on a boat to cruise around the harbor to see the Christmas lights.  It was really nice, and c-c-c-c-cold!!!  But we had a good time :) 

Even the boat was decorated for Christmas, with lights on the railings!

I had been looking forward to our next December event since the beginning of Jack's school year!  Jack's preschool was going to be singing in church, and I was so excited!  His teachers had been telling me how great Jack was doing in music class (apparently he knew what "forte" meant before the teacher told him, and added "accelerando" and "pianisimo" to her queries... have I ever mentioned how much he loves music?), and I already knew how well he could carry a tune, so I was really excited to see him sing in a choir for the first time!  He practiced very enthusiastically and was very prepared for his performance... but when he got up there he forgot one thing: that he was supposed to sing!  I had to laugh at him when he got up there and stood there grinning ear to ear while the rest of his class was singing along!  Since he didn't actually sing I won't post either of the videos, but here is a picture of his giant grin he wore.
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December Part Two will be coming up soon, but for now I will leave you with a picture of what Clark Kent must have looked like at two- before he started wearing his uniform under his shirt for quick changes!
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