Monday, March 14, 2011

A Little More Knott's

Just to break up the Zoo posts a bit, and because these are slightly out of order due to video uploading difficulties, here are a couple pics and videos from more Knott's trips!  The pictures are from my mom's camera, and I just had to share them.
Sam's first ride on the hot air balloons
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Jack and I on the Kiddie Coaster.  (I hate that thing, Jack loves it!)

The boys' first ride on the Log Ride!  Luke was in front of my mom, who was taking the picture from the seat in front of us

Sam apparently doesn't like Snoopy

Jack and me as hot dogs!

The videos are from my Flip camcorder.  I brought it so that I could show Dave how cute Jack was on the Log Ride (his Favorite Ride Ever), and while we were there that day we discovered that he was big enough for the Sierra Sidewinder... a roller coaster that he had been asking to ride!  So of course I had to get a video of Jack's first time on the big roller coaster! 


Log ride
(You can't see it, but it's pitch black for the first drop)

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