Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Another Stork Visit!

 If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know about me and my Storks.  If you haven't been reading for a while and you want to know about me and my Storks go to the Post Topics on the right sidebar (scroll down, it's on that side --> ) and click on the label "Storks".  Oh, nevermind, I will do it for you.  If you want to read about me and my Storks, click here. Read from the last post up.  Once you've finished reading about me and my Storks, you may continue reading this post ;)

It's always exciting when you get to meet a new Stork.  Always.  I've spoken with so many of the girls on the phone, a couple of us text each other constantly, and I've been blessed to meet a bunch of storks in person, too!  Dave used to be pretty nervous about my meeting with what he called "people who aren't even real", but he's relaxed a lot and has even met a few himself and now he doesn't even make run down the list of "I know she's a real person because she has met this other stork, who met this other stork, who met that other stork, and that other stork met this stork who I have met before, too!" anymore. 

Let's see, I know Ang and Susan in real life (IRL), and it turned out Nicolle didn't live very far so we've hung out quite a few times and now I consider her an IRL friend.  I've also met Erin a few times... at least 3 I think, maybe more... and Keisha has come out here twice (okay, she's been out here 3 times, but due to my paranoid husband and my being 10 months pregnant with Jack, I had to miss her the first time).  Becca (who dubbed herself my evil twin!) came out on a business trip, Heather was here for a wedding, and this summer Aimee came out with her husband for a business trip (and I got to rub her miracle baby belly!) and I rushed to meet her the second I put the boys to bed the night we got back from Shaver Lake (did I mention that I got to rub her mirable baby belly?)!  I was so stinkin' excited when Carrie and her husband came out in October on their way to the port to go on a cruise!  I was such a dork, though, and in my incredible excitement for these last two meetings (we call them "Stork Meetings" but they're really just visits with good friends!) I forgot my camera!!!  I couldn't believe I did that, especially since it is usually glued to my face and since we all try to make a point to get a photo at each Official Stork Meetup!  So, when Deb told me she'd be here in December I tattooed the word "camera" into my brain so that I wouldn't forget it again!  And, since I have a picture, I'm posting it here :)

Me, Ang, DEB!, and Nicolle :D 

I seriously love me my Storks ;)   
(and no, I don't know why I'm leaning sideways like a dork!)

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  1. Love it!!! :-)
    Stork meet ups are the best!!!

    Michael was paranoid the first time I went to meet up with Ang & Nicolle. So much so that we drove out to where the meet up was planned so he could scope it out & see that I would be in a very public area & would be safe :-) Now he doesn't even bat an eye at it :-)