Thursday, March 3, 2011

And Then I Turned 30

Yes, that's right.  I am 30.  And despite popular opinion, it is not the new 20.  But, I did have a great birthday!  It has been a tradition in our family (and this time, when I say our family, I mean the family I grew up with... me, my parents, and my brother and sister), that on our birthdays we get to pick our favorite meal for dinner.  My sister picks tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, my dad picks whatever he has a coupon for, usually pizza or Pat And Oscars, my mom picks whatever my dad has a coupon for, usually pizza or Pat And Oscars, and my brother usually pick Papa Guido's (he's a vegetarian and we all tease him, but we love Papa Guido's and we can get meat there!  I pick Lucille's.  I heart ribs, mac 'n cheese and garlic mash!  And I told Dave that I wanted an ice cream cake.  As much as I don't really enjoy getting older, I do enjoy forcing others to bend to my will on my birthday ;)

In years past I've wanted to do fun family stuff on the day of my birthday before heading to my parents' house (or restaurant of choice).  This year I was tired and in dire need of alone time, so I told Dave that I wanted to spend a few hours by myself, outside of the house.  I had intended to get a pedicure, but since it was raining (I love the rain- it was a great birthday present for me!), I decided that I would go to my other favorite restaurant for lunch: Panera!  I put the baby down for a nap so that I knew he'd be just fine without me, and I packed up my computer and went to Panera.  I was gone for three hours.  I needed that!  I adore spending time with my kids, but I got so much done without them and was completely reenergized by having that break.  When your 3 year old hasn't napped for the better part of a year, you start to appreciate any time that you can give your full attention to a project without hearing "Momma, play with me!" every 5 seconds... especially when you're the kind of mom that answers each "Momma, play with me!" with a "Sure, I'd love to play with you!"

Plus, there is something about the reaction I get from my boys when I've been gone for a bit.  The boys were ecstatic to see me when I got home, and that thrilled my heart :D

Once Sam woke up from his second nap, we all headed over to my mom's while Dave headed over to Lucille's to pick up the food, the boys played!

 Jack and Luke were thrilled that grandpa's Christmas Train was still up!

And all three of them took turns playing in the car that grandma got for Christmas

And Sammy Wamster spent some time in the baby throne until it was time to eat!

After dinner, it was time for cake!  Jack, of course, was thrilled about that!

They sang happy birthday and I blew out my candles, and then each of the boys took turns blowing out a candle

And of course, I forgot to remember take a picture of me and my family!  We didn't even get close!  In fact, I think the only picture we have of Dave is of him about to chomp on a forkful of food, and this was the best pic of me and my babies (from my mom's camera).
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Oh, and being 30 feels a lot like 29 did, except, you know, I'm 30.  :\ 

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  1. Nice memory! You forgot to say happy birthday to me as I am the one that birthed ya.

    love, mom