Tuesday, November 16, 2010

In Which Jack Shows Off His Tan

There was a heat wave (that lasted all of 3 days!) in August, and Jack and I were thrilled that we could pull the pools out again!  Jack was thrilled because he just loves water, and I was thrilled because this time it was warm enough to put Sam in the water, too!  And not just his feet, either!  Jack was so excited when I put Sam in his little baby pool!  He did a great job not splashing Sam's face, too!
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After he played with Sam for a bit, Jack decided that it would be really fun to run around like a madman... he liked the idea even better when he saw how much fun Sam was having watching him run around like a madman!
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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Then, Jack decided to go play with his water hopscotch...
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And Sam forgot about Jack and started playing and splashing in the water.
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Jack loves to play with the hose because we have a really cool nozzle that makes 8 different spray patterns.  He knows the patterns and the names, and can even read the names on the nozzle so that he can find the right spray all by himself!  But, since Sam doesn't enjoy being sprayed in the face I wouldn't let Jack use the hose.  Don't worry, he found a good substitute! (Check out how tan he got this summer, too!  I swear I always cake him up with SPF50!!!)

After a bit, Sam got hungry so I dried him off and fed him, and then he played happily in his exersaucer.
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Which made Jack happy, because then he got to splash like a crazy man in Sam's pool!

And he got to use the hose!

My apologies to the neighbor that happened to be walking in his backyard when Jack missed-aimed!  Thanks for being so understanding! (Although I bet it felt good on such a hot day! *Giggle*)

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  1. Looks like so much fun!
    love, grandma