Friday, October 30, 2009

Have I Mentioned Yet That Jack's A Genius?

When Jack was barely 17 months old he could recognize and name all the letters of the alphabet in a completely random order! I was stunned when I first discovered this, and quickly decided that I had a little genius on my hands! I couldn't believe that he had perfected letter recognition all on his own! I mean, I had always pointed out letters to him and told him what they were, but I never realized that any of that was actually sinking in! From then on we've moved from subject to subject, perfecting letters, numbers, counting, shapes, colors and other things, all at a surprisingly young age.

Here is a video of Jack at 17 1/2 months (I can't believe that was over a year ago already!) identifying letters... my memory card had run out of memory so it only captured a short amount of time, but you get the idea ;)

This summer Jack perfected letter sounds! He has so much fun identifying the sounds that letters make, and much of our day is spent listening to him figure out what letter a word starts with. A lot of times, he'll interrupt himself in mid-sentence to tell me which letter goes with whatever it is he's talking about. "Oh, look momma, a air conditioner vent! V-v-vent! Ooooooh vent is a V!" "I want to eat waffles! W-w-Waffles! Ooooooooh waffles is a W!"

Here is another video, taken a month or so ago, of Jack identifying the sounds that letters make.

I am sooooo proud of my Jack Jack, and I love watching him swell with pride in himself when he perfects another skill! I am constantly amazed at the things he knows and the fun stuff he comes up with. Go out right now and get yourself a two-year-old. Seriously. They are sooooo much fun!

And don't be surprised if my next 'Jack is a genius' post announces that he's learning to read... it's probably not too far off!

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