Thursday, October 29, 2009

Elevators Are For Wimps Me!

Last month, Dave proved to me that he was, in fact and beyond a reasonable doubt, insane. I've always suspected this to be so, and have called him out on more than one occasion, but after last month, I know for sure that he is simply crazy.

Last month, my husband headed to downtown LA, right up to the tallest building west of the Mississippi (the US Bank Tower), donned his heavy firefighting turnouts and the rest of his gear including his oxygen tank, and ran up all 75 floors of the high-rise. Voluntarily! Apparently, every year the YMCA holds a fund-raiser, called the High-Rise Hero's Challenge, where participants with similar mental deficiencies to Dave's who enjoy torturing themselves race from the ground up. That's more than 1,500 steps, straight up! Also, there is a special category for "Real Heroes", firefighters, who choose to make it harder on themselves by weighing themselves down with all their fire-protective gear! And my dear, sweet, sexy, and (usually) smart husband thought that this would be a good idea?! Yeah, insane, I tell you!

I sent my camera (no, not my nice one, my little point-and-shoot!), and one of Dave's buddies also brought their camera along, so (after making a few tweaks in photoshop) I have pictures to share! Amazingly enough, I didn't even have to twist Dave's arm to get these, he took them and handed them over to me willingingly!

Dave and 3 of his crazy friends- the four of them formed a team. They all do the run, and then they add up all their time and the team with the fastest time wins.

The view from the ground up

They were all so tired after their climb, but were triumphantly declaring the tagline of the event, "Elevators are for wimps!"

Another view of the building...

The Heroes replenishing themselves after a job well done.

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