Sunday, June 30, 2013

Welcome Home, Daddy!!!

Last year Dave joined the Global Missions team at church.  As he is a very generous man (for example, he gave away one of his most favorite things- his precious and not inexpensive ukulele that he played literally every day- to a little nine-year-old girl that he met at work who has been battling brain cancer) and has a servant's heart for the less fortunate, he felt called to be a part of the team.  And, as part of that team, he was able to go with the team and give in-person assistance in areas such as health screenings, HIV education (something like 90% of the children are afflicted with this), construction and sustainability planning to the Melanie Center, which is an orphanage in Mozambique that was started by an indigenous couple in partnership with our church, Life Covenant.  The boys and I were extremely proud of him, and somehow we managed to make it through the two weeks he was gone without completely falling apart without him!  Of course, Skype was our best friend during those two weeks and as we are used to him being gone for multiple days at a time, we were able to take it one day at a time by pretending that he was on a really really really long shift.  Still, we missed him like crazy (as we usually do when he's at work), and we were so so so happy when the day finally came to pick him up from the airport!

Dave left us a box that had one letter for each day that he was gone, so each morning we got to read a letter from daddy as we ate breakfast.  We followed that up with each boy getting to put a star on the calendar to mark off the days until daddy came home, which they loved.  They also loved finally getting to make our Welcome Home sign to hang on the door before we left for the airport!

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When we got to the airport, we met up with the rest of the Team Moz support team and checked out how baggage claim worked...
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... and then finally we saw him!!!

Together again!!!


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  1. So cute and I am very proud of Dave!
    Love, grandma!