Friday, June 28, 2013

Playing Catch-Up... Aquarium And City Yard Open House

Well, once again I find myself needing to blog post after post in order to catch up with life!  It can get pretty busy over here, obviously.  Where we're at now... SUMMER!  Yes, I missed a whole year... I haven't even blogged last summer yet!  Of course, my OCD doesn't allow me to skip forward so I will just have to condense and compact... a lot happened since I've had the chance to sit and blog and I would love to be all caught up again so I can blog AS life happens instead of AFTER life happens!

So, when last we left you, it was the end of May, 2012... Jack was 5 and just finishing his first year of school (preschool), Sam was 2 and quite the little ham, and Dave was about to leave for two weeks on a mission trip to Mozambique...

... and the boys and I had the chance to go to the Aquarium with grandma and Luke!  We had a pretty great time, of course.  The boys love seeing the fish and we even talked them all into touching the jellyfish and the sting rays!  Their favorite part, though, was playing in the splash pad out by the shark tank!  Sam isn't a fan of getting his face splashed, but he was pretty brave.  Jack adores getting sopping wet, and Luke loves to run around, so they were pretty much in heaven :)

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We also had the chance to go to the City Yard for their open house!  The boys LOVE this event, which happens once every two years.  They get the chance to play with big machinery and check out the buses, police cars, firetrucks, garbage trucks and other cool vehicles.  

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