Thursday, July 7, 2011

Two Very Special Mommy-Daddy-And-JackJack Outings

Every time a commercial for Cars 2 comes on, or we drive by a billboard or a bus stop that has the poster advertising Cars 2, Jack flips out.  He loves the first movie so much, and Dave and I were certain that he'd love the new one also... so we planned to make Cars 2 be Jack's very first movie-in-the-theater!  Before we could take him, though, we had the opportunity to check out the cars that would be at the premier!  So, we left Sam with my mom and brought Jack out on a surprise "adventure"!  He didn't know where we were going, but once he saw what his surprise was, he was thrilled!!!
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We had to wait in line for our turn, so while Dave held our place in line, Jack and I explored a bit!  We watched the water "dancing" at the water fountain, followed the tracks on the ground, and we even got to ride the trolley!
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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Then we rejoined Dave in line because it was almost our turn!  Jack told daddy all about the trolley ride and then he took a second to pose before the Lightning McQueen poster before we got to take our turn at the cars!

Jack was thrilled!  He did a great job smiling for my camera, but he didn't realize that there was also an "official" camera, so he didn't really smile for those.  I was glad to have them, though, because we were able to get all three of us in a couple photos!
First up was Mater
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Then was Lightning McQueen

And introducing, Finn McMissile!

When our turn was over, Jack was still on Cloud 9! 

It was freaking hot that day, so we paused to sit in the shade and drink a lemonade...

And once again to check out the water fountain before heading home (well, to pick up Sam, and then home!)

A few days later we dropped Sam off with my mom again so that we could take Jack to the movie!  He was so excited and he did so well!  I was so proud of him!  he was thrilled that he got to eat popcorn, and sat so quietly and still, and he remembered to whisper when he needed to say something.  Right before the credits came on, Jack turned around and saw the projector, so when it was over I explained to him how the movie worked.  When I was done explaining he said "That's cool, mom. Now I would like to take a closer look at the screen!" So I showed him how the projector made the movie on my hand and I lifted him up so that he could put his arms in the way and have the credits scroll on him!  He thought it was great!  I didn't bring my camera to the theater, but I did snap this with my cell phone to commemorate the occasion!
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  1. Glad you were able to have such a special time with Jack. I loved having special time with Sammy!
    love, grandma