Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Little Running Man Pirate!

 One of the things we did to entertain ourselves while Dave was on his 96 hour shift last weekend was to go to Jack's first run!  My dad signed him up for the kid's 1/2 mile run/walk at Kaiser, and so we put on our running shoes and headed on over!  Before the race started we found lots of things to entertain us!  There was a bounce house with a slide that Jack and grandpa had a blast in, and my mom and I even got free massages! 
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Then it was time to put on his number and head to the finish line! (But not before pausing to "climb" a tree first!)

Once we got to the starting line we did our stretches...

And then it was time to start the race!  Jack was so excited when we took off, and I was surprised how quickly he was running!  He did such a great job, and insisted on running the whole way.  I knew he was tired and he stopped every now and again for water and I kept reminding him that it was okay to walk (in fact, I tried to convince him to walk!), but he was dead set on running the whole way!

He was so fast that I barely beat him to the finish line to take a picture of his first victory!!!  He was so proud of himself and per grandpa's instructions he threw his arms up as he crossed the finish line!

Once he finished he got a new water bottle, a lei and a cheer from his baby brother!

After we spent the appropriate amount of time cooling off and celebrating Jack's successful first "race", we headed back to the booths for some more fun!  We found the hula hoop booth and the boys played there for a very long time!

And that's when Auntie Mimi and Luke showed up!

While we were playing with the hula hoops, grandma was holding Jack's place in line at the face painting booth!  He was so excited to have his first experience with face painting, and can you guess what he chose?

He was a pirate!  He was so funny about having his face painted- he didn't look anything like himself and it was a little creepy- he got such a kick out of everyone's reactions to him!

We took the boys to the playground at that park, and as it happened there was a pirate ship there!  Jack was so excited and he made sure that everyone knew that he was the captain because of his very appropriate makeup! 

We had such a great time- I hope they have another run soon!

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