Sunday, February 26, 2012

8 years

This past October, Dave and I celebrated our 8 year wedding anniversary- and we had way too much fun doing it, too!  We've decided that our anniversary gifts to each other would be experiences, and I was so excited when Dave told me what he had planned for this year: ziplining!!!  I had always wanted to try that, and Dave had remembered when I mentioned it a few months earlier and surprised me with it!  So, early one morning we dropped the boys off with grandma and hopped on a boat to head to Catalina to play on their new zip line course!
On the boat
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The view of the zipline course from the boat: you can see one of the platforms from the course.  The course snakes its way down through that whole canyon
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While we were waiting for our adventure to begin we went for a walk around Avalon, had some breakfast and found a one-legged pigeon.  
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And then it was time to get our gear on!

We got our instructions and hopped on a bus for a ride to the top of the canyon, and once we got there, guess who was the first off the platform?
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Unfortunately I only had my big camera, which was too big and bulky to be able to hold while zipping so I had to strap it over my shoulder and I couldn't get a movie as I went down the line.  However, when I got to the next platform I passed my camera off (first to the instructor for a photo of Dave and I together and then to Dave) to get pictures of me on the zipline!


We had so much fun on the zipline and Dave and I both would love to do it again!  Of course, I had to toss in one more photo, this time of our instructor doing what he called "The Burt Reynolds" as he zipped down the line... I found it quite hilarious!
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The company also took souvenir photos of us coming down the last line... we were supposed to strike a pose for the camera, but I couldn't find the camera and Dave completely forgot!
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After our tour we decided to rent a golf cart!  Dave had never been to Catalina before, so I acted as tour guide as we took turns driving the golf cart (which neither of us had ever done before).  Dave was very disappointed that we didn't see any buffalo, though we did have a good time.  We even drove the golf cart back up to the start of the zip line so that I could get a picture of the front gate!
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Isn't Avalon harbor beautiful?  We had a great anniversary :) 

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