Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Too Much Summer Fun!

Welcome back to the blog!  As much as I love blogging and sharing all the fun things we’ve been up to, I love playing with and enjoying my kids more!  We’ve been having too much fun together this summer- we’ve done activity after activity, backtobacktobacktoback and we are exhausted and happy!  Okay, I am exhausted… the boys have tapped into some as-of-yet-undiscovered-by-parents energy source and are like little Energizer Bunnies that can keep going and going and going.  I wish they’d let me in on their secret!  Oh well.  I actually have a ton more energy than I did last year since I’ve lost all that weight, so as long as Dave lets me sleep in once every few weeks or so I’m good ;)

Anyway, we’ve been so busy that I have about 2 dozen posts on my list which I will post as time allows.  I mean, we have been super busy, but we’re still super busy so my To Be Blogged list will get longer before it gets any shorter!  I love summer :)

And, since I have a moment, here is the first item on my list… a playdate at Kid Concepts!  We really love that place (though I hate taking pictures in there), and we were so excited that it was on the list of pre-planned playdates with our church friends!  I made a deal with Jack, though… he was not allowed to play at the train table until he played with everything else!  I knew once he was there I wouldn’t be able to tear him away and I knew that he would have so much fun playing up in the hamster trails!  And, since this year I was not pregnant and I didn’t have a 4 month old strapped to my chest, I was able to join him!  It was so much fun!  here is a hodgepodge of photos from our day at Kid Concepts:

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